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Learning spies and using address labels

I have created a laminated set of mini – plenary and plenary questions on a clipboard. My G&T students use these in order to assess the learning of others in the classroom. They then write down their observations (with the pupil’s name) on an address label which I stick on a page dedicated to that class.

I have also used address labels when marking to make notes about specific pupils based on what I have seen in their book.

I am also hoping to make more use of Triptico in the classroom in order to help improve grammar.


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What worked well today 18/9/13

I was trying  to communicate to students the importance of getting the basics right before attempting more sophisticated techniques in their creative writing.

I know this has been done before, but presenting the success criteria in the form of pyramid, moving from the fundamentals to the sophisticated, helped pupils to understand what they needed to do to achieve their levels.

Also, clapping along to iambic pentameter is an old favourite that proved useful today.

Finally, I have to say that a big part of being successful today was getting through all five lessons! 

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what worked well today 17/9/13

Praise and lots of it. Some really insightful comments from my year seven class on the poem Upon Westminster Bridge. They understand the relationship between the sonnet form and the meaning of the poem. 

Really surprising comment from one of the pupils that the last word of each line of the second stanza make sense by themselves:

steep hill/deep will/asleep still/

The use of sincere and specific praise has given this class the confidence to start putting forward more ideas. 

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What worked well today

I had a couple of activities go well in a top set year eight lesson today.

Pupils are analysing the persuasive techniques used in a World War One recruitment poster. 

The class organised themselves into groups of four. I then put up a picture of a recruitment poster and asked them to analyse it as a group for persuasive techniques (we have covered these in previous lessons).

Each member of the group then had to write their own analytical point about the poster on a post it note. These pieces of analysis were peer assessed within the group.

The group then chose the best paragraph in their group to write in the middle of an A4 sheet of paper, aiming to make further improvements to it. These best paragraphs were then passed between groups to be peer assessed.

After returning the best paragraphs, I asked them to be read out with the feedback. The assessment will be on a second poster and will be completed independently.

I also employed a couple of particularly bright pupils to be ‘learning spies’, to move around the room and ask pupils about their learning (I had provided them with some meta-cognitive questions)

Using anagrams and crosswords linked to the keywords have also been very successful as ‘bellwork’.

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