Relaunch & Reflection

I am hoping to resurrect this blog after my first tentative posts a couple of years ago. I would like to share the various things I have done this year that I think will be useful:

Teaching Without Walls

This is the name of the CPD group in my school. As part of this we had a lesson filmed and then watched them in a pair and gave constructive feedback. This meant we saw another lesson and got feedback without the pressure of appraisal.
I also taught a Maths lesson but found that less useful.


I have put up several displays this year. I have examples of Alan Peat sentences and a display of the parts of speech. I have a W.A.G.O.L.L wall and synonyms for ‘shows’ and ‘said’. I have pyramids of success criteria for different reading and writing tasks. There is also key information and advice about the G.C.S.E exams.

The key is that during my lessons I will model using these resources. I want pupils to get up and use these displays and advice.

A bit of a dry post I admit but I hope to improve over time and perhaps invite questions about anything I have mentioned.


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