A bit of a rant.

I posted this Guardian Article to Facebook about Teachers wanting to leave the profession and someone commented that Teachers should be pleased that curriculum reform is now aiming to place the transmission of knowledge at the heart of teaching. I replied with the following:

I can only speak from my perspective, but I don’t think it is curriculum reform that is the problem. I think it is good that we have ditched Of Mice and Men and I am really excited to teach Jekyll and Hyde. However, I think teachers are frustrated for a few reasons. Firstly, I have been teaching for five years and in that time Coursework was changed to Controlled Assessment, reformed and has now been eliminated completely, along with Speaking and Listening (which was changed mid course). Also, the methods by which pupils are assessed at KS3 is constantly under question and review. Finally, the methods by which Teachers are appraised seems constantly under question and review. My colleagues and I want to transmit knowledge, we want to make pupils better at reading, writing, speaking and listening and foster a love and exploration of great literature. Instead of this it feels like we are in a period of great uncertainty where a teacher’s professional ability is measured through endless bureaucracy.


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