First half term: how did I do?

Below is copied text from a post I wrote in the summer. I am going to self assess on each of these targets:

Personal reflection


The pupils in my classes need me to be rested and calm and collected so that they get the best from me. Therefore, I need to ensure that I sleep well, read for pleasure, exercise and manage my workload. – I am doing reasonably well at this, however I must try not let this slip towards the end of term.

Behaviour management

This has always been the weakest area of my practice and I will be making a concerted effort to improve this. I will be taking the following steps:

Higher initial expectations of behaviour in the classroom – This could definitely be better

A calm and consistent response to disruptive behaviour – Perhaps the target I have met most convincingly and the one I am most proud of – I have stayed calm and controlled even when confronted by some very negative behaviour

Use of SIMS to record sanctions – Getting better

The biggest challenges for me will be to instil higher expectations in my middle ability Year Eleven class and to ensure that I stick to the above routines with them and with my incoming middle ability Year Ten Class. – I have been successful with my year ten but year eleven are proving very tough, probably as I did not start well with them

Marking and Feedback

I am determined that my marking has as much impact as possible. I do not want pupils just to glance at their book simply to check it has been marked. I will therefore ensure that I am consistent with the following:

Pupils instructed to leave significant space for feedback underneath their work – Not met yet

legible, specific, differentiated marking – so that pupils can read and understand both WWW and EBI. – Getting better

Directed Improvement and Reflection Time – I didn’t carry this through last year and I think it is crucial – this can be done with purple pen – Much better and it is having an impact

Peer Assessment – This will be modelled multiple times and will firstly involve highlighting the best line/paragraph in a piece of work and the line/paragraph that needs most improvement, progressing to pupils using specific success criteria in the same way that I would. – Much more work needed on this

Lesson planning

With every lesson I need to ask:

What do I want the class to have learned by the end of this lesson?
(learning objectives/outcomes/learning arrow/all/most/some) – Could be clearer

How can I connect the lesson to previous learning?  (starter/key words) – Starters have been a strength for a while now

How will I check their understanding?  (mini plenary/plenary) – This needs to be more consistent

What are the needs of specific learners in the class and how can I meet them?
(PP/SEN/G&T/what I have learned about them) – Differentiation is a strength.


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