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Reflection on Teaching Backwards INSET

This INSET was held at Reigate Baptist Church on Friday the 12th February, as a collaborative event between Reigate School, The Warwick & Oakwood (three Secondary Schools in Surrey).

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for the presenter, Andy Griffith @OTeaching. I found his style to be engaging, thought provoking and enjoyable. Mr. Griffith used the sessions to model great teaching and I think this was one of the most valuable parts of the INSET.

In terms of the sessions, I would say that the first session was the most important for me personally. I have known for a long time that setting and keeping high expectations for students’ work has always been my weak point.

The presentation used a mixture of humour, practical examples and a reflective checklist in order to emphasise the importance of establishing and maintaining high expectations.

I have photocopied the ‘Step 1 Checklist’ as it has been heavily annotated! Underneath the checklist there are two sentence stems, the first saying ‘I need to stop…’ and the second ‘I need to start’. I have filled these out in detail with plans for two of my groups that need to have their expectations raised.

The main practical strategy that I will take from the day will be to create an ‘effort scale’ that can be personalised by each of the students.

The following sessions were a pleasing combination of principles that I recognised in my own practice and ideas that I was unfamiliar with. I found the topic planner useful and I will try to incorporate elements of it when planning future SOW.

I have a couple of final thoughts to do with the day itself (this is not as relevant to the course in question). As there were three schools involved we were sat at tables that combined staff from each school. This was to encourage discussion and collaboration. I believe there was some limited success to this, Mr. Griffith did try to encourage collaboration, however I feel like this process needs further development. I think perhaps if there had been more group tasks as a table, as opposed to pairs, this may have been beneficial.

I would highly recommend this training to other schools and I have definitely benefited from it.


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